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Pledge & Philosophy to Customer


We view our culture as a competitive advantage and a foundation for continued success. We proudly hire industry-experienced and committed employees, who work hard to help our customers, partners, shareholders, and communities thrive.

We hire local university fresh graduates, providing first hand job opportunity, industrial training, certified training, extended training from their academic years and help them built a career in IT industry.

Our commitment to our values results in multiple award-winning culture of collaboration and trust with major IT vendors like CISCO, HP, Nexans, Systimax, ADC KRONE, Panduit, Fortinet, etc.

We encourage training to all our technical level engineers. Be it hands-on training or certified training. Every year we spends HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund) for our employees to pursue for greater knowledge.

Our operational philosophy and culture are defined by our commitment to delivering the best possible results for the communities we serve.

At GTSB, we take pride in living a set of shared core values: honesty, truth and integrity, SERVICE-deliver the 'WOW' factor, leadership, simplicity, teamwork and synergy, work environment and the people.

Our 10 Points Philosophy:

  1. We are People First
  2. We Deliver Quality Solutions On Time
  3. We want to be The Best
  4. We want to Deliver Through Service
  5. We Keep Our Promise
  6. We Pursue Growth and Knowledge
  7. We Focus on Customer
  8. We Emphasize Partnership
  9. We Embrace and Drive Change
  10. We are Always Humble and Thankful

The GTSB Pledge:

  1. I will maintain the highest standard of personal conduct
  2. I will protect and enhance the reputation of the company through my action
  3. I will deliver the quality of service as promised to our customers
  4. I will be honest and truthful in my dealings with clients
  5. I will display a positive and supportive attitude

GTSB are dedicated to:

  1. Attracting and retaining performance-oriented employees, who thrive by taking on challenging work in a supportive environment and who are recognized and rewarded for their achievements and contributions.
  2. Driving customers’ success and earning their loyalty through design, services, and relationships that deliver new capabilities and unparalleled value.
  3. Building and nourishing partnerships with multiple vendors to develop and deliver innovative, superior solutions for our customers
  4. Providing shareholders with exceptional value through predictable performance and significant growth in revenues and profits
  5. Fostering positive relationships in the communities in which we work as a family rather than just employer-employee